Celebrate 72nd 15 August 2018 Speech i Hindi anchoring Script for students, Independence Day Short poem Kavita for teachers

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Best 26 January 2018 Speech PDF in Hindi English For Students Teachers School

हिन्दी Republic Day Hindi Speech 26 January 2018 Bhashan Script in English Kannada Marathi Punjabi Telugu Tamil Font Language PDF for Students Teachers : Here we are providing you the anchoring speech for the occasion of 26 January 2018 or we can say for Republic Day which is the main event of 2018. On this day the constitution of India was drafted. On 26 January you may have to deliver a speech at your school, colleges so the speech should be memorable and inspirational that it would applauded by others. So here we are providing you the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that will surely help you in creating a mesmerizing speech on republic day.

Read This: 26 January Speech in Hindi.
Read This :- 26 January Anchoring script.

Republic Day Short Speech in English For Teachers Students

Republic Day celebrated on the honor of our constitution which came into effect on 26 January 1950 which replaces Government Of India Act that is acting as the Governing document of India. The Constitution was adopted earlier on 26 January 1949 but it came in to effect after three months of adoption in January. 

When India gets its Constitution since then the Republic Day is celebrated every year. Republic Day is very important in the Indian history because it tells about the struggle history of freedom fighters of India. On the same day in 1930, the people who fought for India's independence had pledged that along the river Ravi in ​​Lahore to get the complete independence of India (Full Swaraj) which came true on August 15, 1947.

On 26 January 1950 our country declares as a democratic republic, secular which means no other country in the world has the power to rule in our country. Since then every year the flag was hoisted by the President of India on the Rajpath of Delhi, as well as parades and celebration takes place at Rajpath which pays tribute to the constitution of India.

26 January Speech PDF in Hindi For Students Teachers Principal

In this year 2018, India will be celebrating its 69th Republic Day which means it has been 69 years passed since our constituion was came into effect. The Republic Day is celebrated every year since 1950 declared a Republican country and at the same time, after the long struggle of independence, The 'constitution' was received. The country was declared Republic after two and a half years when it was declared Independent.

The Republic Day is celebrated as an national holiday in India, people celebrate this day in many ways such as delivering speeches in schools, participating in discussions, school programs and functions. On this day, a huge program is being organized by the Indian Government on the Rajpath of New Delhi where parades are done by Indian Army at India Gate. The president of India hoist the flag and the national anthem occurs after that.

Different states of the country display their culture, traditions and progress through special prayers also folk dances and singing takes place in the celebration to show the existence of "unity in diversity". At the end of the program, the rain of flowers of three colors (saffron, white, and green) is done by the Air Force, which displays the national flag in the sky.

26 January 2018 Short Anchoring Script In Hindi PDF | Gantantra Diwas
 Anchoring Speech PDF

The event of Republic Day is basically celebrated in school, colleges and office in which the anchoring speech or we can say bhashan has been delivered to inspire and motivate the people towards the nationality and patriotism for the country. You might not get the related stuff towards the speech on many of the sites but we are providing you the relatable stuff that will surely help you to create a inspirational speech for your school or college.

Our country has been under the British rules for a long period of time during which the people of India are forced to obey the laws that has been made by the British government. After the long struggle of Indian freedom fighters India attained the Independence on 15 August 1947.

After two and a half years later India implemented its constitution and declare itseklf a republic country. And after three months of this declaration Indian government passed the Indian Constitution. It is the matter of honor and pride for the people of country who are living here or residing abroad. The celebration is done with great enthusiasm and joy by people performing various activities on 26 January 2018.

26 January Essay Speech in Hindi PDF For Student Teachers

Every year on 26 January India celebrates its Republic Day because on this day the Indian constitution was came into action and the country become a democratic republic who has its own rules and regulations. We celebrate this day as an national festival and also this day has been declared as the national holiday after Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day.

On this day a grand parade has been organised by the Indian Army which takes place from Vijaypath to India Gate. During this day the President hoists the flag and the salute has been given to the president by the the all three Indian forces(land, air, naval) along with the Tableau of the different states.After that rain of flowers are done by Indian Air Force in the three colors that represents the flag of India.

On this day the school and college students perform various activities like parade, sports, speech, patriotic drama and essay writing and sweets are distributed in last of the function. Every citizen should take a pledge to make our country peaceful, developed and free from corruption.

Republic Day 2018 Speech in English PDF | 26 January Essay Speech in English

Good Morning to all present here, Respected Principle, teachers and all my dear friends a warm welcome to all of you. As you all know we are gathered here for an special occasion, yes Republic Day of India. As we all heard a speech from the chief guest a moments ago. Now i am really thankful of my teachers who gave me this responsibility to stand in front of you and share my views on the topic of Republic day.Every year, two-four national festivals are celebrated in India. The Republic Day, which is celebrated on 26th January, is the most important and important festival or festival in all of them. After our country was on August 15, 1947, for almost two centuries, the country had become independent after going through the tortures of ascendancy and after sacrificing many sacrifices and sacrifices.

Earlier in India, foreigners used to run the Constitution created for their selfishness by British rule. The British used to operate here only on the basis of that exploitative and productive attitude.So, this bitter fact was experienced immediately after independence, it was also decided that a cultural spectrum like India should be in a multi-dimensional country with a constitution that can be of interest to everyone at the collective level.Cultural dignity and diversity of India can also highlight the elements of unity as well. Independent India's new and independent constitution was created by the Committee constituted by the Expert Committee.

Our Constitution of Independent India was enforced on January 26, 1950. From this day, according to the main streams of the Constitution, India was declared a sovereign state and a republic. According to the same constitution, it was also declared on this day that the person who will be the supreme power of the country will be called a President.Who will be the first President of India, it is also announced on this date. Mainly for these reasons, India is celebrated as a great national festival in the form of 'Republic Day' on the twenty-sixth year every year with great enthusiasm, with full enthusiasm and glee.

Republic Day 2018 Essay in Hindi PDF for Teachers

The national festival of the Republic Day is celebrated outside India and India at every place where a person of Indian origin is residing; But at the central level, this festival is celebrated here in New Delhi only because of being one of the capital of Delhi and the second President's residence here.Its preparation starts from a month earlier. Here, every people, creating cultural groups, make up the floats, expressing the fullness of their respective state, dance and music etc. are also preparing for the performance of folk arts. In the Cantonment area of ​​Delhi, there are special strikes due to the rehearsings of parades by soldiers, NCC etc..

On the morning of 26 January, the Prime Minister, with the help of the generals of the three armies, reaching the Jain on the first India Gate, on the flame of Jyoti, pay tribute to the unknown-Amar Shahidas, then to welcome the President, come to Vijay Chowk in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan. Go. Until then, other celebrities, visitors, visitors, etc. have also come.Other soldiers-paramilitary forces also pass in the front of the platform giving salute one by one. Then the display of the latest weapons, different types of band, the status of the provinces and the performance of folk artists along with them, colorful performance by school students, etc., continues till noon.

By noon, when all the people performing the parade reach the Red Fort on March, then the mooring ceremony stops. Then two days later, when the parade of the parade becomes a reversion to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, then only the culmination of the Republic Day is considered. These days, there is a tradition of introducing the beautiful musical program of Sainik Bandes in the luncheon of Vijay Chowk.At night, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and all other major government buildings exhibit the unique shade of electrification. Colorful fireworks are also run. Thus, all such events are done in accordance with the dignity and dignity of the Republic of India. By admiring them, the chest of each Indian is bound to be filled with pride. Immortal Indian Republic

Short and Sweet Speeches For 26 January 2018 Republic Day 

So guys we have provided you the best and the latest collection of essay and speech for Republic Day 2018 that will surely help you to create an mesmerizing speech on this republic day. We are also providing 26 January Images, Wallpapers, HD Photos and tricolor images as well as GIF images that will surely help you and make your Republic Day memorable. So guys if you like our article then do share it with your friends , relatives on social networking sites and bookmark our website for further information.


हिन्दी 26 January 2018 Anchoring Script Speech Lines Bhashan in Marathi Hindi English

69th Republic day 26 January 2018 Hindi Anchoring speech PDF for Students Teachers, Simple Anchoring script Short Essay Nibandh Marathi English Language Gantantra Diwas bhashan.

26 Jan Republic Day Hindi Anchoring Script Speech 2018

Republic Day is the national festival of india which is celebrated on 26th of January annually. On this Day, Government of India Act 1935 was replaced by Indian Constitution Act 1950 and it came on power. The Constitution of India was accepted in the constitutional assembly on 26th november 1949 and after that it come in force on 26th Jan 1950 all over in India. A good speech contain all the major points related to the topic. Some punching lines make speech attractive and better. So you should try these 23 January 2018 Speech in hindi which is available in the below of this paragraph.

26 January Anchoring Speech Script for Students Teachers In Marathi

The Day of 26th january is decided because on this day, Indian National Congress (INC) declared India a complete independence country. This is one of the famous national festival out of three. The other two most popular national festivals are Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. The History of Republic Day is very interesting and it makes a anchoring speech more interesting. If you are a student of class 10 or class 12th, then you should read our 26 Jan Republic Day 2018 Anchoring Script in Hindi and English language. On 26th january Republic Day, the Indian national flag is hoisting by President of India. After this, People stand in a group and sing National Anthem together. The festival of Gantantra Diwas is celebrated on a large scale in New Delhi with joy and pomp.

Gantantra Diwas 2018 Anchoring Script Nibandh in Hindi

On this occasion, a Grand Parade is organised which take place from India gate to Rajpath. The parade performed as a tribute to India for their rich cultural heritage. So friends, if you are going to give a speech in your school or in college on this 26th January. Then you can use these Simple and easy Gantantra Diwas 2018 Nibandh in hindi language. These hindi essay will help you to make a good speech for Republic Day. So Check these 250 words, 400 words and 300 words speech.

26 Jan 2018 Anchoring Speech Script For School Colleges

The parade on Republic day is performed by Indian Army, Navy, Air force and other armies of India. They shows their weapons, Army power and discipline in this parade. They are the defenders of India. So friends we hope you like our article of 26 jan 2018 Anchoring Speech for school. If you want to get more short speech or essay on Republic day, then leave your request in the comment box. Thanks for visiting on this website. Stay tuned with us for more latest articles.

26 January 2018 PM Narendra Modi Live Speech | Republic Day Live Parade Telecast

PM Modi Live Speech on Republic day 2018 | Narendra Modi Live Bhashan on 26 January 2018 | PM Modi Live Speech Videos of 26 January | Modi Live streaming Bhashan Online Telecast.

26 January PM Narendra Singh Modi Live Speech | Republic Day Live Parade 2018

On this Republic day our Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will give a speech on 26 January 2018 on the occasion of 69th Republic Day of India. PM Modi delivers a speech on this day to thousands of people who are present at Rajpath Delhi in the presence of honorable president of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind. So guys here we are providing you the live speech that PM Modi is giving by making live streaming of the speech on 26 January 2018 at the time when PM Modi adresses the people. So guys stay tuned for the live speech that will be coming soon on Republic day 2018.

So guys here we are announcing that the live telecast of PM Narendra Modi Live speech will be available to you on 26 January 2018. So bookmark our site to enjoy the live telecast of the Live speech on Republic Day 2018.

  • Date : 26/01/2018
  • Day : Friday
  • Venue : Rajpath Delhi
  • Time : 9:00 AM
  • Guest : Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi & Ram Nath Kovind
  • Program : Republic Day 2018

Live Parade Streaming of 26 January 2018 | PM Modi 26 January Speech Video Clips Images Photos

PM Modi is going to address the people of country on the auspicious occasion of Republic day. We celebrate republic day every year on 26 January because on this day we got our own constitution. So on this national festival our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will deliver the speech that will be inspiring to the whole country.

So guys we will provide you the video clips of Narendra Modi live bhashan that he will give at the Rajpath Delhi that will be available on the republic day on 26 January 2018. So guys stay tuned for the further updates on the 26 January 2018.

PM Narendra Modi Live Bhashan in Delhi | 26 January 2018 Delhi Parade Live Telecast

Live videos and video clips of the live bhashan, speech that Narendra Modi will deliver has been available at our site on 26 January. Now we are providing you the list of broadcasters that will also show the live streaming of the speech telecast of Narendra Modi live speech that he will be delivering on Republic Day. The live speech will also be available on our site so you can also see the live telecast of the speech.

  1. Doordarshan
  2. Hotstar 
  3. Jio TV

Live Speech Bhashan of PM Narendra Modi on Republic Day 2018 | Live streaming 26 January Parade

So guys we have provided you the full information regarding PM Modi live speech 2018. So guys bookmark our website for the3 live telecast of the republic day lkive parade 2018. And do share it with you frioends on social networking sdites like Fb, Whatsapp.


26 January 2018 GIF Images HD Photos Animated Pics For Facebook Whatsapp

26 January GIF Images 2018, Republic Day HD Images Photos Pics, 68th Gantantra diwas animated gif images wallpapers images download for whatsapp facebook,

26 January 2018 GIF Animated Photos For Whatsapp | 68th Gantantra Diwas HD Images

Every year we celebrate our Republic Day on 26 january GIF Images . Whether it is the Parliament building or the Raj Bhavan, whether the school or college, the tricolor is hoisted everywhere, the national anthem is sung. The tableau is extracted at India Gate, which is seen and appreciated by the people abroad.On 26th January, thousands of nationals, under the leadership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on the Ravi shore of Lahore, had vowed to die for their country's independence. When our country was free, the construction work of the constitution has to be done to run the country started under the leadership of Baba Saheb Bhim Rao.

So guys you all are here for the animated images of Gantantra diwas or we can say Republic day. We here provide you all the images related to 26 January, Gantantra Diwas and Republic Day. 26 January flag images, Republic Day gif images and many more are covered in this article. I hope this article will surely help you. So bookmark this site for further 26 January related articles.

Check This: 26 January 2018 GIF Images
Check This :- 26 January Kavita.

Republic Day 2018 GIF Images | 26 January Animated Photos Pics For FB

Republic Day is our national festival. It is celebrated every year on January 26. On this day the independent constitution of our country was implemented in 1950. On this day there is a public holiday in the country, a grand parade is organized in Rashtrapati Bhavan from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the Red Fort. On this day, every Indian remembers the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the freedom of the country and paid tribute to them. On the eve of Republic Day, the President sends messages to the nation, which is done on live broadcast radio and Doordarshan.

The Republic Day celebration is specially organized in India Gate, Vijaypath, New Delhi. As a guest of the country, the national president of some country is also invited. 26 January Animated Photos, Republic day GIF Images are provided here in our website you can easily download the images from the website.

Check This: 26 January 2018 Speech

Best 26 January 2018 GIF Photos Images in HD | 26 January Flag Wallpapers Pics For Whatsapp

On this day, the Prime Minister of our country, in the morning goes to Amar Jawan  Jyothi with the commanders of the army and pay tribute to the martyrs there. After this, our country's Prime Minister goes further to India Gate.After the flag hoisting of the national flag by the President, gorgeous floats are organized. From India Gate to Vijaypath, millions of people are overwhelmed to see it. Parade of the Army, Navy Air Force and Paramilitary Forces is celebrated. 


26 January GIF Images Wallpapers Photos For Facebook | Gantantra Diwas Animated Images

Republic Day is one of the most important festival of India because we celebrate this day on the declaration of our constitution. We celebrate republic day on every 26 january every year. This one of the most important national festival after Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.

So guys here we provide you all the related information about Republic day, 26 January and Gantantra Diwas Wallpapers Images Photos GIF Animated Photos. So guys if you like the article then do share it with your friend on social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp and bookmark our website for further details.


26 January 2018 Kavita in Hindi Patriotic Poems, Happy Republic Day Deshbhakti Rhymes

26 january 2018 kavita in hindi, patriotic poems, happy republic day deshbhakti rhymes, gantantra Diwas short lines for nursery.

26 January 2018 Kavita in Hindi

Republic day of india is celebrated on the 26th january from 1950 on the establishment of Indian Constitution Act 1950. Republic day is also famous as Gantantra Diwas in India. On this national festival, the Indian national flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India. After that everyone stands and sing national anthem together. Republic day is celebrated in Delhi which is also the capital of India. A great parade is organised to make this festival awesome and attractive. The parade starts from India gate and to Rajpath. In this parade various regiment, air force, Navy and other Indian forces participate. National cadet corps and children comes from different region to participate in this parade on Republic Day. In the below, we are going to provide you some 26 January Kavita in Hindi language. You can use these kavita in your speech on this day to make it interesting.

  • Bari bari rituein aati, apni chatta yaha dikhlati,
    fal fool se bhar bagiche, chidiyan mithe geet gaati,
    Desh mera yeh sabse nyara, kitna sundar, kitna pyara.
  • lahu baha kar simaao par, aman chain ka feel khilaya,
    apne pranon ki bali dekar, bharat maa ka maan badhaya.
  • Satya, ahinsa, shanti baat ta,
    iski shaan tiranga hai,
    godh khelti natkhat duniya,
    paawan yamuna ganga hai.
  • lekar apne haath tiranga,
    jan gan man gayenge,
    bhedbhav ko dur bhaga kar,
    sabko gale lagayenge,
    naye rashtrya ke hum nirmata,
    nara yahi lagayenge.

Happy Republic Day 2018 Patriotic Poems Kavita

When parade starts, Prime minister of india give tribute to the Amar jyoti (statue for soldiers) which is near to India Gate. After this, they kept two minutes silence in memory of martyrs. After that, they walk off to the munch of Republic day celebration venue with the chief guests. Many presidents and other ministers are invited in the celebration of Republic day on 26th january. Now we are going to release Happy Republic day 201 Patriotic poems in hindi and english language.

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  • Our's is a land of sages, known for bravery for ages.
    None can with it compete, Its culture non can beat.
    Whhatever caste or religion, All live here in unison.
    With rivers, sweet fountains, it's a land of high mountains.
    Its green forests are pretty, and are source of prosperity.
    Let's for it work hard, for its safety, be on guard.
  • Freedom in mind, faith in words,
    pride in our hearts, memories in our souls,
    lets salute the nation on republic day.
  • The richness of india
    it may be the sculptures
    it may be it's scriptures
    it may be it's culture
    the sculptures are there stone hard
    come and have a look
    the scriptures are there
    book bound come and read
    the culture is there
    man bound come and find.
  • Better than heaven or Arcadia
    i love thee, O m India!
    And thy love i shall give
    to every brother nation that lives.
    God made the earth,
    man made confining countries
    and their fancy frozen boundaries.

Gantantra Diwas Deshbhakti Kavita For Nursery Kids

We hope you all like our poems in hindi or english language for the celebration of Republic day 2018. If you want to get more articles on 26 jan 2018 deshbhakti poem then share this post with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more other sites. Thanks for visiting on our blog stay tuned with us for more latest updates.

26 January Short Poem in Hindi

Poems have two or four lines of paragraph which creates a meaningful rhymes related to its title. Deshbhakti poems are mostly searches on the Republic day on 26 January. Desh bhakti poems are patriotic poems which are tributes to Freedom fighters and patriots of our country. You can use these 26 january Short poem in hindi rhymes in your republic day speech to make it more attractive.
  • Satya Ahinsa ke prahari hum,
    Duniya Bhar me sachey,
    Bharat Desh Hamara Apna,
    Hum Bharat ke Bacche.
  • Satya, Ahinsah, Shaanti Baant ta,
    Iski Shaan Tiranga Hai,
    Godh Khelti natkhat nadiyan,
    Paawan Yamuna Ganga Hai.

26 January 2018 Patriotic Poem for Republic Day

Republic day is the one of the biggest national festival of India which celebrate on every 26th Jan from 1950. Many school students and parents search Patriotic poems for republic day for their kids. Many school teachers ask students to prepare a short poem on 26 january in hindi. So we thought to give you a short collection of 26 January 2018 Patriotic poem in Hindi for this national event.

  1. Pyara Pyara Mera Desh,
    Sja Sawaara Mera Desh,
    Duniya Jis Par Garv Kare,
    Nayan Sitaara Mera Desh.
  2. Balidaan ka Amit Nishaan Hai yeh,
    Jab Yeh Tiraga Lehraaye toh,
    Laal Kile Ki Shaan hai yeh.
  3. Likh raha Hun Mai Anjaam,
    Jiska Kal Aaagaaz aayega,
    Mere Lahooh Ka Har Ek Katra
    Inkalaab Laayega.

##[DP] 26 January 2018 Dp Profile Pics | Happy Republic Day FB DP For FB Whatsapp

26 january 2018 dp profile pics, happy republic day hd images for FB Whatsapp photos, tricolor, Tiranga wallpapers. So guys read the full article for the further updates on this republic day.

26 January 2018 Dp Profile Pics For Whatsapp

Republic day of india is coming on this 26th january. As we all know that this is one of the great national festival of India which is celebrated on every 26th january from 1950. Republic day is celebrated on the establishment of Indian constitution in the Parliament. So those people who are exciting for this national festival can use these 26 january 2018 dp for whatsapp display picture. In this website you can check tricolor dp, tiranga dp for republic day celebration.

26 January Whatsapp Profile Pics | Republic day 2018 FB Cover Images

Many patriots sacrifice their lives for the Independence of our country (India). We all love our country that's why we celebrate its independence day and other popular national festivals every year with honour. A great event is organised on republic day in Delhi anually on 26th jan. You can watch this celebration live on television and highlights on Youtube. You can show your love for India by uploading these 26 January Profile Pics for Whatsapp and FB Cover. We have a huge collection of beautiful tricolor profile pics for republic day 2018.

26 Jan 2018 HD Images | Happy Republic Day

The another name of Republic day is Gantantra Diwas. It is celebrated in all states of India on 26th Jan. A huge parade is organised by Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce and other armies of India. They shows their strength and feel proud on our country defence system. If you are searching for 26 Jan 2018 HD Images for Happy Republic Day Tricolor Images then you are in right website. Indian constitution is established to give equal rights to every Indian under the territory of of country. Now this is the time when we will give you a small collection of republic day Tiranga images for whatsapp profile pic.

Tricolor Republic Day 2018 Photos

In the above of this paragraph we provide you some tricolor Republic day photos for Fb timeline cover. Tiranga is the national flag of our country. We feel proud on our country's constitution and its national flag. There are 3 strips in the national flag of India. First strip contain saffron color which is the symbol of strength. The 2nd strip contain white color which shows peace in our country, and the last strip contains green which is the symbol of growth, development and fertility in our country. Check more stuff of Republic Day Tricolor Photos 2018.

26 January 2018 Tiranga Pictures

The wheel between the white strip in the Tiranga which contain 24 sticks is the symbol of Ashoka Chakra. We hope that our images, dp, profile pic of 26 january become useful for you. If you want to access more stuff like 26 january Tiranga photos 2018 for desktop background wallpaper. Then check them in other posts by clicking on these side links.
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